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The best Yin Yoga Sydney has to offer

If you don’t know about all the benefits of Yin Yoga provides, then swing Oski Yoga for a demonstration of the best Yin Yoga Sydney has to offer. You’re in for a treat, and you may well find your new favourite form of exercise, because Yin Yoga works – it improves your lifestyle, health and, most importantly, mental wellbeing.

What is Yin Yoga?

There is many different types of Yoga that provides an allover body workout, but is considered to work the “superficial” tissues in the body. Yin Yoga, meanwhile, targets the “deep connective” tissues in the body, and therefore provides a very different experience. What this means is three-fold:

  • There are fewer positions to learn than in standard Yoga. Yin Yoga has around three dozen poses, which is far less that other types of yoga.
  • Much of the work is done on the floor, with fewer standing poses, and
  • The postures are more passive in nature. Yin yoga concentrates of the fascia which is the connective tissue that holds muscle together.  Fascia also holds our emotions.  The daily practice of Yin Yoga ensure that you release your emotions, stress and any negativity your body holds, be it sub-consciously.   The benefits of Yin Yoga are numerous both in mind, body and soul.

In Yin Yoga, you’ll be encouraged to hold and relax into each posture, softening the muscle and, in terms of visualization, you’ll be trying to “move closer to the bone.” Experts will hold those poses for as much as 20 minutes at a time, each posture held is an opportunity for meditation.

That meditative nature of Yin Yoga means when it’s practiced with seasoned assistance (such as the experts at Oski Yoga, who are fully certified to provide the best Yin Yoga Sydney offers), it’s an effective tool for both physical and mental wellbeing.  Yin Yoga will also sooth afflictions including deep pain, trauma, addictions, eating disorders, and anxiety.

While the relaxed and meditative pace of Yin Yoga means it’s not a standard physical training tool, many athletes will incorporate Yin into their training schedule.  The benefits include:-It deepens the impact of relaxation

  • greater flexibility in joints
  • promotes stamina
  • reduces stress
  • enhances mobility, and
  • improves joint flexibility

Essentially, through Yin Yoga, we guarantee you will find connection in mind, body and soul that will have an immense knock on effect with vast positive implications in every facet of daily life.

How can I get started in Yin Yoga?

It’s important to note that you can’t simply follow a YouTube video or Internet guide when you’re starting out with Yin Yoga. The techniques involved can put a lot of strain on the body if done incorrectly Yin yoga could cause counter-productive injuries. You need to spend time learning the art with a highly qualified and experienced Yin Yoga instructor at Oski.

We have that. Oski Yoga’s team of instructors includes dedicated instructors with years of practice and dedication to their art.  Yin can be practiced at a beginners level or travel with us to become an advanced Yin Yogi.  Yin yoga should be practiced in a safe and supportive environment with instructors that have chosen their vocation with a desire to help others.   That’s why Oski is renown for delivery the very best Yin Yoga classes in Sydney. Conveniently located in the heart of North Sydney,

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at the studio on (02) 9922 1979 to begin the rewarding journey into Yin Yoga.