Pilates Studio in Sydney

How to find the perfect Pilates studio, Sydney!

When it comes to finding a Pilates studio Sydney locals are truly spoil for choice.   It’s important to keep in mind not all studios are equal, and it’s important to find the right space for your exercise, in order to maintain the enthusiasm to keep coming back over a period of weeks and months.

In finding the ideal Pilates studio Sydney locals should keep in mind five key priorities:

  • Certified Instructors


This is the most important one of all, of course. As with any form of exercise there is the potential for injury if it’s done incorrectly.  Oski’s high standard of Certified Instructors ensure you receive the right guidance with care, responsibility and resounding knowledge.  Our instructors will tailor a Pilates class that reflects the ability of those in the class.  Please follow our guidelines when booking into an advanced or beginners pilates reformer class.  Our instructors ensure your experience is a rewarding one whilst delivering the right guidance and instruction.   When looking for a Pilates studio in Sydney please ensure you make sufficient enquiry as to the level of education and certification of each instructor.

The approach to teaching:

EveryPilate’s studio across Sydney has a different approach to teaching. Some are more laid-back, while others really try to push each person in the class. There’s no right or wrong here, the key is to simply find a pace and teaching style that suits you personally, and then make that class your home.

  • The atmosphere and aesthetics of the studio

Motivation is such an important part of exercise, and if you feel uncomfortable in the place that you’re training, you’re going to be that much more likely to come up with excuses for why you can’t go to class that week. There’s no right or wrong here, either – just go to a couple of studios, test them out with a trial class or two, and then make your decision based on that. At Oski Yoga Barre Pilates and Meditation, we pride ourselves on being the best Yoga, Barre, Pilates, Anti-gravity and Meditation studio in Sydney.  We offerstart of the art, up-market facilities, designed with great consideration from top to bottom to make sure you feel like you’re at home, so make sure that we’re one of the studios you try out!

  • Class flexibility and schedules

It goes without saying, but it’s important that you don’t need to change your life around in order to make that Pilates class. The scheduling for the classes should fit in to your existing lifestyle with minimum disruption, and that’s another reason why Oski YogaBarre, Pilates, Anti-gravity and Meditation are considered to be one of the best studios in Sydney.  We pride ourselves on giving our locals what they demand.  We understand the importance of physical and mental wellbeing that compliments our modern Australian lifestyle.  Oski has tailored our programs for the enjoyment of as many members as possible.

  • Location

Location, location!  Our location is second to none, the bus drops you at the front door, the North Sydney train station is within 10 metres of our front door.  Location and ease makes it effortless to make our studio a part of your daily routine.  There is ample hourly parking behind on Walker Street and numerous car parks all within walking distance with ample parking for those that drive.

Pilates is a wonderful, life-improving experience. At Oski Yoga, we take our goal of being the best of the best providing our members with the most enjoyable experience Pilates has to offer.  Visit our studio in North Sydney to see for yourself our warm and professional our instructors.  We guarantee that that you’ll fall in love with our space.  Please don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions on (02) 9922 1979 or just drop in to say hi!

Joseph Pilates invented a series of movements to help English veterans recover from injuries sustained during World War I.   Since then Pilates has been the go-to-regimen for anyone interested in working on strength, grace and of course solid core.

Joseph said “patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavour”.

Pilates is dedicated to the exploration of the concept that the human body has transformational potential for total being.  We believe our pilates classes are wholeheartedly capable of transforming a previously non-experienced, stationary body with some lethargy into an energised, lithe and sable body.   Pilates transforms a sluggish, lethargic, sleepy mind into a mind with clarity and complete acute awareness.  Pilates develops a strong and stable core to improve your pelvic floor, flatten and tone your abdomen which in turn strengthens your muscles that support your back.  The blend of strength and flexibility training greatly reduces stress, creates long and lean muscles without bulking up and significantly improves your core and back muscles.

All of our pilates classes require grippy socks which can be purchased in the studio.

Cancellation Policy – Please note class cancellations are allowed up to an hour before the class commences. Cancellations should be made via our Oski Yoga app. In the event of an emergency, cancellations will be accepted via phone or email.

Please note, a $20 courtesy fee does apply for no-shows for classes that are fully booked with a waitlist. This fee is imposed to encourage those who cannot make the class to cancel their booking and allow others the chance to attend.