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Oski Yoga: The Leading Meditation Classes Sydney Loves

It shouldn’t be a surprise that when it comes to Yoga, Barre, Pilates and Meditation Sydney is one of the world’s most enthusiastic adopters. Across the city and indeed, all of Australia – people are jumping on board for the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that Meditation offers.

One of the reasons that people come to the best Yoga and Meditation classes Sydney offers at Oski Yoga is that once you’re comfortable with the stretches and exercise of yoga and can begin your meditation practice with guided Mediation classes at Oski.  Shavasna at the end of every yoga class is offered, as yoga is a preparation for your body and mind to meditate.  Shavasna, a form of meditation is giving back to your mind at the completion of every yoga class.

What are some of the reasons to take up Meditation?

Meditation can help deal with Stress and Negative Emotions

Multiple studies have demonstrated that Meditation can help reduce levels of depression and anxiety, along with helping people tolerate pain.

Meditation could boost positive skills like memory and awareness

People that meditate have unique brains with well-developed areas that connect to the mastery awareness of emotion control.  Such brains are more likely to meditate in the first place.   Research has shown before and after taking up meditation the changes in the participants have better connection to memory, self-awareness and perspective.

Meditation can help deal with Stress and Negative Emotions

Multiple studies have demonstrated that Meditation can help reduce levels of depression and anxiety, along with helping people tolerate pain.

Meditation helps you Get Along with Others

A more developed meditative brain shows regions of the brain associated with empathy are more developed.  Mediation promotes high levels of alpha brain waves which are associated with a state of wakeful relaxation.  Meditation helps to reduce negative moods and feelings toward anger, tension and sadness.

Meditation can take just weeks can change your brain.

An eight-week study of participants had denser brain tissue in areas connected to learning, emotion regulation, and memory processing.  They showed decreased amounts of grey matter in parts of the amygdala, a brain area connected to fear and stress. They write that in this case, participants who reduced their stress response the most were the ones that showed the biggest decrease in grey matter in this area of the brain.

Meditation is good for your body and heart

Meditation has been connected to decreased blood pressureand a more variable heart rate — which is a good thing, meaning your body can better regulate blood flow depending on how much oxygen you need at the time. Meditation could reduce the levels of stress hormones that can cause inflammation and other physical problems.

There are also signs that meditation can help boost your immune system — or at least help ward off the flu.

In a study research, two groups of people had one group complete an eight-week meditation course. At the end of the eight weeks, the people in the meditation group showed increased left-side brain activity. At that point, the researchers injected both groups with the flu vaccine. The meditators had a stronger immune response (their bodies produced more flu-fighting antibodies), and the higher the level of left-brain activity in general, the greater the immune response.

Meditation may help prevent genetic damage

One study showed that cancer survivors completed a meditation program showed increased telomere length — telomeres are protein complexes that protect our genes, and shortened telomeres have been linked to various diseases. Researchers say that the possible mechanism for this is that reducing stress could help certain enzymes that lengthen telomeres, though more research in more diverse populations is needed.

As the video below explains, meditation can’t take the place of taking care of yourself — so you should keep going to the doctor, getting exercise, and eating vegetables. It’s also worth noting that much of this research is still preliminary as we learn more about the brain and how it responds to different types of activity, our perspective on how all this works could change.

Why come to the best Meditation classes Sydney has to offer?

As with any form of exercise and trying new things, you should have experts to help you learn, so that you don’t form bad habits.  Meditation takes time, it can’t be conquered with one or two attempts.  It takes months, years to build the ability to sink to build skill levels of meditation but trust us, it is life changing and worth the effort in every single aspect of your mental and physical health.   Don’t just take our word for it, do some research, everything written, researched reinforces our opinion that Meditation is for everyone.  Visit Oski’s team ofexpert instructorswho are fully qualified and trained to help anyone, from beginner to expert, on their yoga and meditation journey.

Meditation is for everyone!  It is appropriate for people of all fitness levels and ages. With just 5 minutes of meditation per day, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of benefits. Contact the friendly team at Oski Yoga for schedules here, and get in with the best yoga and meditation classes Sydney has to offer.

Why Everyone Should Meditate

Each time we meditate, we change our brain.  We are creating new neural pathways in the brain. Neural pathways are like apps that take us directly to a place of rest and stillness with less effort and with more success each time we meditate.  Our system adapts to a new place of rest and stillness, just as it adopts a pattern of being stressed easily, or going into states of anxiety easily.  Neural pathways re-wire your brain and subconscious patterns. We develop a greater ability to focus inwardly, which enhances the outer focus. Because there less stress in the system, our immune system is strengthened, and thus we experience much improved health.

We rest deeply during these sessions, allowing energy levels to be replenished.  Meditation assists the mind to find a place of clarity, to feel rested and let past behavioral traits fall away.  With each meditation practice you strengthen the tools to work well, concentrate and make positive decisions in both your personal and work life.

With a calm mind, you give yourself the gift of experiencing real joy as the world is viewed from a completely different perspective.

Cancellation Policy – Please note class cancellations are allowed up to an hour before the class commences. Cancellations should be made via our Oski Yoga app. In the event of an emergency, cancellations will be accepted via phone or email.

Please note, a $20 courtesy fee does apply for no-shows for classes that are fully booked with a wait-list. This fee is imposed to encourage those who cannot make the class to cancel their booking and allow others the chance to attend.