Hot Yoga Classes in Sydney


Oski Yoga: The Leading Hot Yoga Classes Sydney Loves

It shouldn’t be a surprise that when it comes to Hot Yoga Sydney is one of the world’s most enthusiastic adopters. Across the city – and indeed, all of Australia – people are jumping on board for the physical and mental wellbeing benefits that Hot yoga offers.

One of the reasons that people come to the best Hot Yoga classes Sydney offers at Oski Yoga is that once you’re comfortable with the stretches and exercise of yoga, you can then to it at home, and it’s a remarkably efficient form of exercise – just 15 minutes of practice per day will be enough to see real benefits in yourself.

What are some of the reasons to take up Hot Yoga?

There Infrared Offers Many Health Benefits

Infrared offers many health benefits. When the body absorbs infrared heat, it increases blood circulation, enhances the immune system, and reduces joint pain and inflammation.

There are a wide range of benefits to yoga, but some of the most substantial ones include:

It makes you more flexible

In Hot Yoga temperatures are usually up to 28 degrees and the humidity is way up there, too, at around 40 to 60 percent. The warmer room will make it easier for your muscles to stretch. The steamy temperature allows you to increase your range of motion and stretch deeper within each pose, since heat makes muscles more pliable.  Unlike stretching it out in a standard cool yoga studio, in Hot Yoga the heat will have you feeling like a pro and extending further than you thought possible.

Hot Yoga is intense

As an added challenge in Hot Yoga is the heat in a Hot Yoga studio will make your heart pump way faster, because it needs to push more blood toward the skin in an effort to keep you feeling cool.  The  more heart-pumping means a better cardio workout than you’d get doing the same yoga sequence in a cooler setting.

It helps kick stress to the curb

Regular yoga practiced in air conditioning can help you chill out, but the heat’s an added bonus. Hot yoga makes you focus on your breathing more,since it’s sweltering in those rooms, it will turn your mind inwards, which in turn will make you focus on correct posture and your breath.Breathing deeper is key to relaxation and stress-relief.

It ups your lung capacity

While you might think a stifling room makes it harder to breathe, the breathing exercises in Hot Yoga can actually help train your lungs to retain more air.  Taking deeper breaths force them to expand more than usual, which allows for more oxygen to enter the blood stream and get to the other organs.

It burns major calories

Any kind of movement that increases your heart rate will help burn calories and promote weight loss.  Hot yoga is a pretty good calorie-torcher. Even though you’re not running and jumping around, again, theHot Yoga room gets the heart going. One study from the journal Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise found women burned an average of 333 calories during 90-minute slow-moving, heated yoga session. Add a fast-moving Vinyasa practice to that mix (which made the Women’s Health list of top calorie-burning exercises) and you’ll really feel the, well, burn.

Why come to the best Hot yoga classes Sydney offers?

As with any form of exercise, you should have experts to help you learn, so that you don’t inadvertently injure yourself by making a mistake. Oski Yoga’s team of Instructors are fully qualified and trained to help anyone, from beginner to expert, on their yoga journey.

Yoga is a form of exercise that is appropriate for people of all fitness levels and ages. With just 15 minutes of yoga per day, you’ll enjoy a lifetime of benefits. Contact the friendly team at Oski Yoga for schedules, and get in with the best Hot Yoga classes Sydney has to offer.