Anti-Gravity Fitness and Aerial

Aerial Barre

Aerial Barre is a combination of barre with a hammock. This class is unique to only our studio. The inversions are designed to relieve compression on joints, assist realignment of your body that promotes lengthening of your muscles to leaves you looking long and lean.


Aerial Foundations

“This 55 minute class with a 15 minute meditation to start the weekend. The Aerial Foundation is perfect for beginners or for those who would like to fine tune their aerial techniques. We’ll cover basic techniques, inversions and fluid movement, all in the safety of our aerial hammocks. After class you will feel re-energized, longer and stronger. Please wear a top with sleeves” No zips or jewellery please!


Aerial Tricks

All the fun without the conditioning. Comprising of circus tricks, flips and challenging sequences. Aerial tricks will focus on embellishing your aerial vocabulary whilst creating performance routines in the hammock. Hammock experience is required. This class is NOT suited to beginners. For your safety we would suggest taking several anti-gravity classes and/or aerial foundation classes prior to joining in the fun of learning new tricks!


Anti-Gravity Fitness

Anti-Gravity Fitness is a full body conditioning workout that is comprehensive in relieving compressed joints and aligning your body from head to toe. The aerial hammock acts as a soft trapeze and as a support while you master simple inversions through to more complex poses and shapes.

Please wear shirts with sleeves, socks and no jewellery.

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