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The Best Aerial Yoga Sydney has to offer

Aerial Yoga is not for the faint hearted but hugely rewarding for those that take on the challenge.  Aerial yoga gives an upper body workout; increases grip strength, shoulders and core strength like no other form of exercise.  Aerial yoga will elongate our muscles, it will strengthen your limbs, it will improve your co-ordination, it will give you a graceful dancers body whilst giving you a sense of real pride and accomplishment, having conquered and mastered Aerial yoga, which is not for everybody.  But if it’s for you, there is no greater enjoyment.  Come visit Oski Yoga Barre,Pilates, Anti-gravity and Meditation to see for yourself.   We have the best Aerial Yoga Sydney has to offer.  Treat yourself to what could become a life altering decision and your new favourite form of exercise, because Aerial Yoga will transform your life.  It will change the way you feel, think and view aspects of life.  It’s good for your mental and physical health, you will ask yourself, why haven’t I found Aerial Yoga before now.

What is Aerial Yoga?

There are many different types of Yoga that provides an allover body workout;Aerial Yoga is challenging but very much worthwhile the challenge.   5 benefits of aerial yoga are:

  • It relieves compression in the spine.
  • Aerial Yoga challenges your central nervous system, mental capacity and proprioception.
  • It Increases pulling strength.
  • Practicing Aerial Yoga improves flexibility.
  • It’s beginner-friendly.
  • Performing downward dog in Aerial Yoga not only is recognized as the youthful pose. It elongates the spin to relief any compression, soreness and aches and pains.  It also literally turns back the clock in appearance and strength.

How can I get started in Aerial Yoga?

There are very few Well being studios that offer Aerial Yoga, even fewer that offer the standard we deliver.  Our highly qualified advanced Aerial Yoga instructors will guarantee to delight, take you beyond what you thought possible.  Aerial Yoga is fun!  Did I mention Aerial Yoga is fun!  Who doesn’t remember giddy days on a swing?  Aerial Yoga will give you the happiness and playfulness of a young child again.  Don’t take our word for it!  Come try Aerial Yoga for yourself.

Oski Aerial Yoga’steam of instructors are highly qualified, will keep you safe, will deliver a fun and challenging class from their years of personal practice and dedication to their art.  Aerial Yoga can be practiced at a beginner’s level or travel with us to become an advanced Aerial Yogi.  Aerial Yoga should incorporate a weekly balance of another form yoga.  Both should be practiced in a safe and supportive environment with Instructors that have chosen their vocation with a desire to help others.   That’s why Oski is renowned for delivery the very best Aerial Yoga classes in Sydney. Conveniently located in the heart of North Sydney,

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at the studio on (02) 9922 1979 to begin the rewarding journey into Yoga.